Grab it! "Messi" told "Barza" pull this guy.


Grab it! "Messi" told "Barza" pull this guy.
After Andrea Iniesta moved to the J-League in Japan this summer, Barcelona will be pulling new players into the army during the off-season.
However, the players will be drawn into that team. Not midfield By the way, Express claims that Lionel Messi is asking the team to pull Marcos Alonso left Chelsea to the Camp Nou. About 40 million pounds.
Spanish kicker This is a very impressive Messi from meeting in the last 16 teams of the UFABET Champions League. His team can beat the last 8 finalists.
Alonzo has shown excellent form in the last two seasons with the Singles Blues, with the last season playing all 46 shots, scoring eight goals and making four assists in the echelons. The left side of the Antonio Conte team.
Although the future of Italian coach The team of blue lion indigo. It is also suspicious. But the left back of this bull will continue to be the core of the team.